Leading innovation in sustainable technology.

Powered by nature energy and passionate teamwork. 


Sailing combines natural elements such as water, wind and sun with modern technology and physical performance. Spectacular, exciting and emotional.


A adventure sport with great attraction potential to spectators and media.

 Sailing and yachting is rated as one of the most preferred leisure time sports worldwide. 


Sailors and yacht owners represent a premium target group with above average incomes.

Many decision-makers, opinion leader, entrepreneurs, managers to be found within the sailing community.


Sailing is a clean sport. Exemplary and sustainable.

No doping and no environmental pollution. 


We offer giant branding on the sails and hulls of our sail racing yacht.

Exceptional year-round global visibility.

With a strong focus on the key markets in Europe, America and Asia. 


Naming rights to the team/boat and design of color. 

Determination of events and itinerary.


Usage of images and of crew personalities.

The maritime culture is in our heart. Sailing is not just a sport. It is a part of human life since 6.000 years. Using the wind with a ship to explore our world, is one of the greatest adventure you can imagine. One of the biggest sailing festivals, the Kieler-Woche in Germany (Baltic Sea) has over 4000 competitors and 3 million visitors in 10 days.